• NFL Football Survivor Pool 2024 Season
  • WEEK 1
  • PM EDT
Hide Picks Questions
I have "Hide Picks" turned on, when will my players be able to see everyone's picks?

As soon as the first game starts for the week (depending on your pick deadline setting either Thursday or Sunday), your players picks for the week will be displayed on the standings screen.

Default Picks Questions
What if my player already picked the most favored team? What is their default pick?

Their default pick will automatically be the next pick in the order that is posted on the homepage.

When do you assign the default pick?

The order that is posted on the homepage is the order the default pick will be assigned.

What about if there is a point spread tie for the default pick?

The order that is posted on the homepage is the order the default pick will be assigned.

What about if there is a point spread tie for the default pick?

The Assign Default Pick script is run between the Sunday 1PM and 4PM games

What about if there is a point spread tie for the default pick?

The Assign Default Pick script is run between the Sunday 1PM and 4PM games

My Pick Deadline is Sunday, what happens if the default pick is Thursday?

By rule, players are allowed to take advantage of this scenario unless otherwise noted by your Pool Admin on the website.

Thursday / Saturday / London England 9:30am Regular Season Games and the Sunday Pick Deadline Questions
I have my Pick Deadline as the Sunday game, what happens to the games that start before Sunday 1:00pm?
  1. Your players can pick these games as long as they pick it before the game starts.
  2. For example, if they pick a Thursday game, they cannot change their pick after the Thursday game has started. They are locked into to that pick.
  3. If they made a Sunday game pick or leave the pick blank before the Thursday game starts, then they can still delete or change their pick all the way up to Sunday Pick Deadline. They are not locked into their Sunday game pick.
  4. If they leave their pick blank after Sunday Pick Deadline then default pick will be assigned (if you use this feature).
I have my Pick Deadline as the Thursday game, what happens when there is no Thursday game?

When there is no Thursday game, the Pick Deadline is Sunday first kickoff.

Past Pools Questions
Can I view last year's pool?

No. Each season the website starts fresh and everything in the past is no longer available.

Master Email List Questions
Am I going to have to add everyone's email again each year?

No. When you login, you will see your Master List. You will use and maintain your Master List on the website for each season.

Multiple Players Questions
Can I create multiple players with a single email address?

Yes. Under a single email address you can create as many players as you like in multiple pools. Click the SWITCH PLAYER link in the top navigation to login as that player to make the picks.

How do I register more than one player in a Pool or Multiple Pools?

Login to the website and click the JOIN link in the top navigation then click Create Another Player in Pool. Also, your pool admin must allow multiple players and have this setting set to ON.

Change Email Questions
I entered the wrong email address, how do I change it?

After you login, go to MyUSA and click on the Change Email for Entire Website link to go the to change email address screen. If you want to reassign a player to a different email address your pool admin can change that email address for you.

Making Picks for your Players Questions
My players are not internet savvy, can I make picks for them?

YES. On the Player Management screen you can make / delete your players picks for them.

Eliminating Players Questions
Do I have to mark all my players DEAD or does the website do that automatically?

The Elimination Script is run right after the scores are posted for the games played. You cannot mark players back to ALIVE to be "Let Me Back In" until after TUESDAY 3AM E.S.T.

Multiple Pool Admin Questions
Can I have more than one Pool Admin running the same Pool?

YES. Please email us your Pool ID and the Player name that you would like to have as the second admin and your request will be processed in the backend.

Last Minute Registration Questions
What if my player registers in my pool just before my registration deadline, will they be able to make their pick?

YES. Every new player that registers will have 7 days to use the website before they are automatically locked out unless you action that player.

What is the Let Me In Tracker?
The websites "Let Me In Tracker" helps you keep track of all the players that have joined your pool that you don't know.
  1. When a player joins your pool that you don't know, they should contact you asking if they can be let in and why.
  2. Example: "Hey this is Joey, I'm a friend of Frankie, please let me in."
  3. Using the "Let Me In Tracker", players have 7 days from the time they joined to use the website to make their picks before the website automatically locks them out.
  4. After they contact you saying who this player is, mark them as "Let Me In Sent = YES" to allow them to login and make their picks.
  5. Go ahead and mark all your regulars as "Let Me In Sent = YES".
  6. If you want to use the "Let Me In Tracker", you must do this for ALL your players.
  7. Everything is tallied on the Player Home screen for all to see.
  8. The websites Audit Log will also keep track of who you Let In.
Website Questions
Is this website backed up for my peace of mind?

YES. The entire website is backed up every night at 2AM.

Can the website handle all the users and traffic?

YES. As the website grows more processors and ram are added to handle the load. All queries are continually analyzed for optimal speed and performance.