• NFL Football Survivor Pool 2024 Season
  • WEEK 1
  • PM EDT
how we started
  • In 2000, the website started as a Web Developers hobby to help a NFL Survivor Pool that we had running at work with hundreds of people in the pool. The Pool manager was going crazy updating the spreadsheet and sending it out by email each week so to help run the pool we took all the pool logic and coverted it to a website. For the first 7 years the website was only used for single Pool Admin at work.
  • In 2008, we thought that there must be other Pool Managers out there that can use the website and take advantage of what we built to run their own pool, so the website was reworked to allow other Pool Admins to Register and Create a Pool, then low an behold for that 2008 season, hundreds and hundreds of Pool Admins started using the website. Everyone praised the website with great feedback on how easy it was to use with multiple players and how it saved them so much time.
  • Building on Feedback Each year, with all the positive feedback we recieve, we get many requests for pool features so we take all that feedback and build a better website for you to make running your pool as easy as possible.
  • 100 Percent Solid Website We have spent thousands of hours and high dollar investments over the years in building a solid website foundation with yearly server upgrades, database stability, security and encryption, prevention of website threats, and 24 x 7 server support.
  • Trust We build your Trust in using our website as you can see for yourself just by browsing the website and checking out all the features, quality, and performance. We make it so that you can download all your data at anytime in the Admin screens. Website backups are taken nightly and any website threats from foreign nations are identified immediately and are blocked.
  • Your Privicy is Our Priority Since we started in 2000, we have never sold any of the data collected on the website to anyone or used the data collected for marketing purposes. The website is 100 percent private and that will never change. Should you want to delete your account you can do so at any time.
  • Pricing We charge a small fee of 1.00 Dollar per player to use the website, that's it. This covers all the costs to run the website, administration, 24x7 support, and upkept. The website is free to use for up to 20 Players with no obligation.
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