• NFL Football Survivor Pool 2022 Season
  • WEEK 1
  • AM EDT
Survivor Pool Pricing Details
Cost for complete use of the website to run your football pool for the entire football season:
No obligation to create and start your Pool!

Activation Fee based on Total Player Count:

1 up to 20 Players = FREE
21 and above = $1.00 / player

Example: 44 players = 44.00

Activation Fee due 7 days after your Pool has started.

For Canada, pricing is same in CDN dollars.
You must use Interac to activate pool.

How Survivor Pool Activation Works:

  1. Create your pool for the new season at any time.
  2. Set your pool start week in Pool Setting screen.
  3. Activation Fee is due 7 days after your pool has started based on the total count of players. For example, if your total player count is 44, then the activaton fee = 44.00.