USA Football Pools - How It Works

Introduction to and how this website works

Hello and welcome to This website is build for you to make running your football pool as easy as possible. Below is a high level introduction to this website and how it works. Use this as a guide if you are new to the website and are ready to get started to run your pool.

Website Terminology

  • Pool Admin = You are the Pool Administrator, also known as Commissioner, League Owner.

  • Player Name = All your players in your pool must create a Player Name to play, also know as Team Pick, Picks.

  • Pool ID = The name of your Pool, also know as Team Name, League Name.

  • Player Home = Is the home page for the Player logged in as to make a pick for that player.

  • Admin Home = The home page for the Pool Admin to run the pool. In Admin Home, you will see:

    1. My Player List = Screen that displays the details for all your players.

    2. Player Management = Screen where you manage a single player like make their pick for them or check audit history.

    3. My Friends - Master List = Screen where you manage all your friends that you want to invite to join your pool each year.

    4. My Pool Invitations = Screen where create your pool invitations and start email blasting the invite from the website.

How This Website Works

The website is based on the following steps with most of them happening before the season starts:
  1. First, register on the website with your email and password.
  2. Once registered and your email has been confirmed, create a new pool with a unique pool name.
  3. Each season you can change your Pool Name or keep the same name as last season.
  4. Once your Pool Name is created for the new season, go through all the pool settings to make sure you have it set the way you want it to run.
  5. Save a Welcome Back message if you choose.
  6. Add all your friends to your "My Friends - Master List" or send us your spreadsheet and we'll get them added for you in one shot.
  7. When all your friends are added in to your "My Friends - Master List", you are ready to create your Pool Invitations.
  8. Create all your Pool Invitations.
  9. To spread the word about your pool, you can use the website's Email Blaster to send an email with the "JOIN NOW" link inside.
  10. There is also a TEXT version of the invitation available to copy & paste into your personal email to blast that also has the "JOIN NOW" link inside.
  11. Your friend you invited comes to the website, registers (if they are new to the website) or logs in (if they are returning) and clicks JOIN at the top navigation to JOIN your pool.
  12. Any new player that joins your pool that is not on your "My Friends - Master List" will automatically be added to your list for you to use for the next pool you run.
  13. Anyone can join your pool if they know your Private Pool name.
  14. After the season starts and your pool is running, the website takes over and does mostly all the work for the remainder of the season.
  15. That's it!

Website Dates

  • Middle of April each year, the website is updated with the new NFL schedule and the website season is set to the new season, last seasons pools are no longer available.
  • Any time after July 4th long weekend, go ahead and create your new Pool for the new season!