Best Football Pool Website Testimonials

2020 Testimonials

"Guys, great job running the website during the pandemic. Everything went smooth with all the schedule changes."
- Kelly

"Just want to say thanks! great job everthing ran as smooth as it could be this year!"
- Roberto

2019 Testimonials

"I'm glad I found your website and choose it to run my Survivor pool. I saved so much time and heartache!"
- Dobson

"You made it so easy to setup my pool and blast out my email invitaitons. Thank you."
- Jose

2018 Testimonials

"What a sweet website! I think I was one if the last people to use a spreadsheet. What was I thinking all these years!"
- Phil

"I switched to your website last year and the feedback I've gotten has been all good. We'll definately be back next season and for years to come."
- Bobby

2017 Testimonials

"I tried CBS Sports last season and what a mess! I got so many calls from all my players and needless to say I won't be doing that again. I'm back for good!"
- Bobby

"Once again your site has helped me tremendously! Thank you for all the hard work!"
- Raoul

2016 Testimonials

"I just wanted to thank you for helping me to run a fun and exciting pool. It is so much easier for me than it was with me doing a handwritten spreadsheet. You have made it so easy for everyone to use. All my players really enjoy it. I look forward to this years (2017 edition). Thanks again, "
- Sandy

"Hey…Just wanted to let you know that last season I went with a free website for my football elimination pool and it was a disaster; so many entrants were not happy with the difficulty of the functionality of the pool and lack of features. Needless to say it was a lesson learned. I WILL be back with your website this year! I used your site for 4 years or so and had ZERO issues."
- James

2015 Testimonials

"The website is by far the most easiest site to use. I've had no players complain or ask questions. Every little detail is there for us to see. Great work!"
- Linda

"Every year your site gets better and better and it makes my life easy! Thank you."
- Steve

"You guys have taken all the options and really made it work! All my players agree this was the best site we've used over the years and we'll be returning next season for sure."
- Charlie

"When are you going to offer other pool formats? I know you will make them as good as the Survivor one. Thank you for this website."
- Paulie

2014 Testimonials

"I love the new groups feature you added this year it really helps me organize all my players. Good job."
- Bill

"Thanks for the helping me run my pool this year. I'm very confident in your website and I can tell you have been doing this for many years. I'm looking forward to next season already!"
- Jim

"I've been using your website for 5 years now and every year it gets better and better. You have all the bases covered when it comes to running a survivor pool. I can't image using any other site. Thank you!"
- Ed

"Everything I need is all here. You guys thought of everything!"
- Justin

"I love that your website is so easy to use. I lot of my players are not that good on computers and yet they figured it out right away. Thanks for making my life easier!"
- Roberto

2013 Testimonials

"I researched all the pool sites out there and by far your site is the best site for running my survivor pool. Five stars!"
- Eugene

"I must let you know that running my pool on your website really was a lot of fun. I can't wait for next season!"
- Susan

"I can't believe I've been using my spreadsheet all these years before I found your website! Thank you for putting together such an easy to use awesome site!"
- Ralph

"Love the site. Made my life a lot easier!"
- Tom

"Great job on the new site. It looks great!"
- Mike

2012 Testimonials

"We love using your website!!"
- Lynn

"... and thanks for a great web site!"
- Eric

"You truely run the best survivor pool website."
- Dan

"You really do have a great site. Thanks!"
- Kent

"LOVE IT! With the size of my pool, it makes life much easier for me. Thanks!"
- Jim

"Thanks. Great website. Has made my life a lot easier!"
- Thomas

"Thanks man. Keep up this site, it is fantastic!"
- Brain

2011 Testimonials

" is by far the best site on the internet for running a Survivor Pool online, bar none! Having used the site for the last couple of years, what impresses me the most is how much the webmaster welcomes input from users and how willing the owner is to continue to make it better. All reasonable requests by administrators are given serious consideration and those that make the site better for everyone are more often than not implemented. Thus the site never gets stale and is continuously being improved by the collective input of a broad base of users... this site will continue to be the best because of this great attitude of the owner."
- George

"Really like the site. Nice work!"
- Mike

"Thanks again for a great website!!!!"
- James

"I would highly recommend! I tried a few free online sites except they all lacked something. With you can test drive it to see how it works first. The website is really easy to use but the main reason I went with is their support. Is the best I have ever seen! They have answered all my questions about the pool. The amazing thing is that they will answer your call right away and if you need to speak in person with no problem. Thanks for putting out the best Survior pool on the web!"
- Ken

"First, I'd like to say thanks for setting it up and doing all the hard work. The site looks great, and it's a very reasonable price for such a great service."
- Demetri

"I'm looking forward to a great season of football and your website will ensure it. Last year was my first year hosting on your site. It was an overwhelming success."
- Gary

"great site!! I've gotten good feedback from many people on it."
- Ed

2010 Testimonials

"I used your site last year and loved it! Everyone in my pool enjoys your site. Keep up the good work."
- Lisa

"All the comments I have been getting on the pool is that sign up was a piece of cake and everyone is excited about trying it on-line this year."
- George

"Thanks very much for your time and by the way, the is an awesome website! It would be a nightmare doing this in Excel."

2009 Testimonials

"I wanted to thank you for providing your pool website. It worked out really great. Hard to believe the pool went to the last weekend but it was a weird year. Will you be doing this again next year. If so I will be happy to send my check now. Thanks."

"Your site is awesome man. It's easy to navigate through as a player and as an admin. Also, as an admin, it has all the stats needed to keep me informed of all my players positions, transactions, etc. This way there are no discrepancies, arguments or disagreements between myself and my players. All around it is a GREAT website man, I would definitely recommend it to others and I will absolutely be using it next year and the foreseeable future. Great job, thank you!"

"First of all - thanks for the great site! This is our first year using it and it appears to be very user friendly."

"I have to let you know that I really like your site. I used it last year and I thought so highly of it that I am using it again this year. I feel that for the features that you include, as well as the quality of the interface, I really get my money's worth."

"I just had my activation fee mailed I am looking forward to using your website as I believe you have saved us a ton of time using the excel spreadsheets."

2008 Testimonials

"Pool's great!!!!!!!! I like the feature of the player pick change, nice to see that your doing your best to comply to feedback... YOUR DOING A GREAT JOB!!"


"Thanks a lot. I'll be sure to tell others about what a great site you've got going."

"Firstly, Thank you for running this website - It has been a huge success and is extremely easy to use."

"btw - Very nice website!!"

"Overall, I have to say GREAT SITE!!!!"

"Thanks! Great site by the way! This has made running the pool a breeze!"

"Thank you. You are pretty much on top of updating this site. I like it."

"LOVE your site!"

"First of all great site. Have been running a pool for years and this is just what I was looking for..."

"Thanks for setting up your website. Our office played Survivor last year but switched to your site this year. So far we like it. No need to write back, just wanted to say thanks!"