NFL Survivor Pool - Survivor, Suicide, Knockout, Football Pool

100 days, 15 hrs, 1 mins, 42 secs until FOOTBALL SEASON!
Super Bowl 50 - Levi's Stadium, Santa Clara, California - February 7th, 2015 @ 6:30PM E.S.T.

The Survivor Football Pool format is commonly know as all these names:

    • BIG DOG
    • LOSERS

This is the most favored pool format of all because the rules are very simple:

  • Pick one team each week that you think will win
  • If the football team you pick loses, you get eliminated from the pool
  • Pool ends when there is one player left who survives the longest!
  • That's it!

Join the SUPERSURVIVOR14 mega pool!

There are 447 players in this years SUPERSURVIVOR14 and counting!

  • Registration Deadline is Closed
  • Join annual SUPERSURVIVOR mega pool for free!
  • Make your picks against hundreds of players!
  • No prizes, just bragging rights.
  • How long can you survive?

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  • Use a SINGLE EMAIL ADDRESS to login and manage Multiple Players for all pool formats.
  • Control login for Players you don't know using the website's Let Me In Tracker.
  • All your friends are saved in your My Friends - Master List for you to invite to play each season.
  • Use the website's Email Blaster to send your friends an Email Invitation to join your pool.
  • Website can automatically Assigns Default Auto Pick if you choose.
  • Website automatically eliminates Players each week.
  • Website audit log tracks everything, Pick History, Logins and much more.
  • You can Make or Delete your Players Picks from the Player Management screen.


    Pool Setup - Registration
  • Set your Registration Deadline
  • Set your pool Start Week if you are planning to start your pool after Week 1
  • Allow Multiple Players in same pool Yes / No with SINGLE EMAIL
  • One Football Pool can have Multiple Admins
  • Save your Welcome Back message for all your player to see when they login

    Pool Setup - Eliminations
  • Pick football game Winners or Losers to Advance
  • Use Point Spreads for Elimination Yes / No
  • Set football Pool Elimination Type to Single / Double
  • Set Football game result Ties count as a Win or Loss

    Pool Setup - Picks
  • Turn Hide Picks On / Off
  • Set Pick Deadline game Thursday or Sunday
  • Can Pick Same Team Again Yes / No
  • Allow One Bye Pick as a free pick for the season
  • Set Must Make a Second Pick (Double Pick) Yes / No

    Pool Setup - Default Auto Pick
  • If Pick Left Blank, use the websites Default Auto Pick or Player is Dead
  • Set Default Auto Pick to use Favorite or Underdog
  • Set Default Pick Limit, number of times default pick can be used
  • Set Default Pick to be Monday Night game Home / Away team

    Pool Setup - Playoffs
  • Turn Playoffs On / Off
  • Reset Playoff Picks

    Pool Setup - Let Me In Tracker
  • Use the website's Let Me In Tracker to control the login of players
  • Set Your "Let Me Back In" Times Allowed to Off / 1 / 2
  • Set Your "Let Me Back In" Cut Off Week
  • Set Your "Let Me Back In Points"
  • Set Your "How Many Can Survive" to 1st to 3rd

    Pool Setup - Trash Talk
  • Turn Trash Talk On / Off
  • Auto Approve Trash Talk

    Pool Admin - Tools
  • Create a Weekly News message
  • Audit Log - All Player Logins
  • Audit Log - All Player Picks
  • Audit Log - Pool Admin Actions
  • Download Your My Friends - Master List to Excel
  • Download Your Player List and Standings to Excel


  • Teams you pick each week are automatically removed from the next weeks game board
  • Useful NFL Schedule Results and Team History stats
  • Trash Talk Message Board
  • View other Players Profile
  • View other Players Captions
  • Save your Favorite Team
  • View other players audit Pick History and Login History
  • Play in the same or Multiple Pools with only one login
  • Last Minute Registrations, you have 7 days to use the website before Pool Admin must allow you to login