NFL Survivor Pool - Survivor Pool Rules


  • Pick one team each week that you think will Win (for Winners Pool) or Lose (for Losers Pool)
  • If the team you pick has died, you get eliminated from the pool
  • You can be let back in (if your Pool Admin allows)
  • Ties count as a win or loss (depending on your Pool Admin setting)
  • Pool ends when there is one player left who survives the longest!


  • Your picks are posted on the Player Home screen and Standings screen.
  • It is your responsibility to verify that the pick you made is the correct one.
  • Teams that you have already picked will automatically be removed from the remaining week gameboards.

Picks Deadlines

  • You must have your pick in BEFORE THE START of the FIRST Thursday (see exceptions below) or Sunday regular season game depending on your Pool Admin's setting.
  • For the Playoffs, the Pick Deadline for BOTH Thursday and Sunday Pick Deadline Pools changes to first game Saturday for Week 18 (Wildcard Games) and Week 19 (Division Games)
  • The new "Week" begins every Tuesday at 3AM for Week 1 to Week 15 and Monday 3AM for Week 16 to Week 22 during the Football season.
  • Week 16 - Pick Deadline is first Saturday Game
  • Week 17 - Pick Deadline is first Sunday Game

The Default Pick

  • The Default Pick is your pick if you forget to make a pick or leave your pick blank.

  • Your Pool Admin will have the Default Pick setting either turned "ON" or "OFF". Pay attention to this setting and read the next bullet points.
    1. If your Pool Admin has this setting turned "ON". If you leave your pick blank (or forget to make a pick) and the week has BEGUN, you haved missed the deadline. Your pick will then be turned over to the default pick and will be determined by what picks you have already made for the season versus the order of the default picks posted.
    2. If your Pool Admin has this setting turned "OFF". If you leave your pick blank (or forget to make a pick) and the week has BEGUN, you haved missed the deadline. Since you have made no pick and your Pool Admin has Default pick turn "off" you are eliminated from the pool.
  • Default picks will be based on the spreads taken from FOX Sports Live Odds web page.
  • When there are point spread ties, the order posted on Website Survivor Default Picks will be the order your default pick will be determined.
  • Depending on your Pool Admin setting, your Default Pick may be the most favorable or least favorable team from the list.
  • In the case when the default pick is a Thursday game and your pick deadline is Sunday, Players are allowed to take advantange of this scenario unless otherwise noted by your Pool Admin on the website. Your Pool Admin is the final authority.

Let Me Back In

  • If your Pool Admin has a "Let Me Back In" to the pool, the teams you have selected that have died will remain as your picks and you cannot pick them again.
  • The deadline to "Let Me Back In" is 1 hour before the first game of the Week.
  • Use the Player Message Center to let your Pool Admin know that you want back in so the can mark you back as ALIVE.


The following all depends on how your Pool Admin wants to run their own pool but here are the general rules for surviving into the Playoffs:
  • Your Pool Admin must have the setting "Pool Extends into Playoffs" = ON
  • In the event there is more than one player still ALIVE after Week 17, the remaining players will continue to pick into the playoffs.
  • If your Pool Admin has "Reset Playoffs Picks" = NO, then Players can only pick the remaining teams they have left going into the playoffs. Pay attention to this setting as it will effect the teams you pick during the regular season. Lastly, if your Pool Admin has "Can Pick Same Team Again" = YES, this setting will not matter.
  • If your Pool Admin has "Reset Playoffs Picks" = YES, then you can pick the playoffs teams as if a new season has started.
  • In the event that a player doesn't have a pick left in the playoffs, they are eliminated from the pool. For example, if you pick the Cardinals in the wildcard and the Texans in the AFC championship and they both go to the Superbowl you will have no pick going into the Superbowl therefore you are dead.


  • Emailed picks are generally not accepted.
  • It is your Pool Admin discretion to accept an emailed pick.
  • You should always use the website to make your pick.

End of Pool

  • The pool ends when there is one player left that has survived the longest!
  • In the event when there is more that one player that has survived the longest after a death, then the pool admin will decide whether to end the pool now or mark the players back to alive to continue on.

Pool Admin - House Rules

  • Your Pool Admin has the right to review all disputes on a case-by-case basis and will be final authority on all decisions affecting the contest with the goal being to keep it fair and fun for all!