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Delete that spreadsheet you have been using all those years and run your own Office Football Pool online with us. Let the website do all the work for you! Please take a few moments to test drive the website and see all the features to make running your Survivor Pool as easy as possible. No obligation to create your pool today!


  • This website has been running Survivor pools online since the 2000.
  • The NFL Survivor Pool format is the flagship format for this website. It is the easiest and most common pool to run.
  • 99% of all the Survivor Pool options are covered to make running your pool a breeze.
  • With years of experience running pools online, you can be 100% confident your pool will run smoothly.


  • Use a SINGLE EMAIL ADDRESS to login and manage Multiple Players for all pool formats.
  • Control login for Players you don't know using the website's Let Me In Tracker.
  • All your friends are saved in your My Friends - Master List for you to invite to play each season.
  • Use the website's Email Blaster to send your friends an Email Invitation to join your pool.
  • Website can automatically Assigns Default Auto Pick if you choose.
  • Website automatically eliminates Players each week.
  • Website audit log tracks everything, Pick History, Logins and much more.
  • You can Make or Delete your Players Picks from the Player Management screen.

The Survivor Football Pool format is commonly know as all these names:

    • BIG DOG
    • LOSERS

This is the most favored pool format of all because the rules are very simple:

  • Pick one team each week that you think will win
  • If the football team you pick loses, you get eliminated from the pool
  • Pool ends when there is one player left who survives the longest!
  • That's it!
Join the SUPERSURVIVOR15 mega pool!

There are 1318 players in this years SUPERSURVIVOR15 and counting!

  • Registration Deadline is Closed
  • Join annual SUPERSURVIVOR mega pool for free!
  • Make your picks against hundreds of players!
  • No prizes, just bragging rights.
  • How long can you survive?