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Online Since 2000

This website started in 2000 when a co-worker running survivor pool was using a spreadsheet to send out the weekly updates. Fustrated in having to wait for the spreadsheet to be emailed out each week to see who won and lost and so on, I decided to build all the pool logic into a website to make it easy for everyone to make picks and view the results, rather than rely on the spreadsheet way. I took over running the pool that year and each new season I continued to make the website better and better based on all the feedback overwhelming requests to continue running the pool and the website. So since then, it has become the website you see today!

We, at, would like to thank all of our website users for all your feedback and support over the years and to say it's our pleasure in running this website for you! To answer the simple question as to why we go through such effort to make a great reliable website... its because we all love to watch FOOTBALL!!! Team
Email: usafootballpools @ gmail . com
Office: 832-966-1901
Hours: Any day of the week 7AM to 10PM E.S.T